Let your customers come to you

Discover the right words to turn heads

“Tailored Ink can help you engage your customers, grow your brand, reach more people, and drive more leads. They’re proactive, do extensive research, and bring fresh ideas to the table. I’d highly recommend them for anyone who needs a top-quality writer, editor, or content strategist.”

– Alp Mimaroglu, Senior Marketing Manager at Salesforce


Don’t rely on guesswork

Is your marketing ROI all over the place? Or (worse yet) falling flat on its face? The problem is most businesses don’t have a strategy and they aren’t following a calendar.

Don’t rely on guesswork for your marketing or branding. We’ll help you come up with an objective, targeted strategy and create marketing funnels that turn visitors into “wallets out,” ready-to-buy customers.


Convert with your content

Our method focuses on the jobs your customers really need to get done and what your competitors are failing to do. We’ll help you:

  • Position yourself to better target your ideal buyers
  • Develop true-to-life buyer personas that your teams will internalize
  • Create a content “map” for each customer type (what they need to see before they’ll purchase)
  • Build an evergreen content library you can rely on for years to come
  • Set up marketing funnels that make the most sense for your business goals


Do your business justice

Need help starting your marketing engine? We’ll show you exactly what your prospects need to hear and create the content you need to convert more leads into customers.


Refer and earn

Know someone who desperately needs a personal brand? Send them our way and get paid.