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We walk you through better branding and lead generation. Then we create content that gives you leads while you’re sleeping.

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We’ve created content for Fortune 500s, budding startups, and solopreneurs. Here are a few of our happy customers:

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We work closely with each of our clients on their unique needs and goals. Here’s what they have to say about our work:

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Our Team

Han and Dan started Tailored Ink with a simple philosophy: create highly targeted, human content that sells. Then we sought out the best agency copywriters and journalists for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why should we hire you?
    Any content mill can get a recent college grad to write listicles for your blog. But if you want to drive leads and conversions, we’re your team.
  • How are you different from other writers/agencies?
    Superior Quality: every piece we write is penned by a seasoned writer and vetted by an in-house editor.

    Tight Turnaround: Enjoy the turnaround times you’d expect from a freelancerbut with the support of an entire agency behind it.

    Boutique ServiceSmall teams don’t have a lot of bureaucracy. We're obsessed with efficiency, transparency, and doing right by our clients.
  • How do revisions work? Are they included in the fee?
    We're happy to do revisions as long as they're within the scope of work (e.g., a 500-word blog post doesn’t balloon to 1,000 words after a revision).
  • Is your personal branding service confidential?
    We never mention our clients unless we have permission to do so. You have all rights to the content we write for you.
  • What are your rates?
    Our rates vary depending on the length and duration of projects. We offer Like all agencies, we have one-off rates for one-time work, and discounted rates for recurring or high-volume orders. rates for weekly and monthly packages.

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