Tailored Ink Co-Founder and CEO Han-Gwon Lung Featured in the Millennial Minds Series

Our co-founder and CEO, Han-Gwon Lung, recently sat down with 20 Something’s Cara Kovacs  as a part of their Millennial Minds series.

The Millennial Minds series “casts a spotlight on those among us who have been creative and courageous enough to make money doing what they love.”

The series features successful Millennials who disprove the negative stereotypes associated with the generation, and uses them as examples the creativity, resilience, and business savvy the generation possesses.

Han is in good company as a featured Millenial for the series. Others featured include filmmaker Nicole Groton, international lifestyle blogger Erica Fox, and pro basketball player turned financier turned entrepreneur, Chris Turi.

During the interview, the two spoke about the inspiration for Tailored Ink, breaking the boundaries of traditional business, and why the corporate life isn’t for everyone.

“Don’t think that corporate life will get better. If you don’t like it at entry level, you won’t like it in a managerial role, either.”

Han also shared a few pieces of wisdom he’s learned along the way:

“If you want true flexibility and the satisfaction of ‘eating what you kill’ (and not relying on the whims of managers for raises and bonuses), learn how to do sales. Then start your own business.”

You can read the full interview here.

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