Fresh & Clean UI

Flat Design

Easy to Use & Very Flexible

Regular Updates

Translation Ready

Works with Multisite

Unlimited Colors

We do not limit you to few color combinations. We understand that everyone has different taste.

So we provided an easy to use color picker for every short code inside the short code generator itself

Add Data Easily

In version 2 of GT ShortCodes, the focus was on making the short code generation process as simple as possible.

Be it collapsible, tables, charts, etc. we made it easy for you to add more and more data.

Custom CSS

Another great feature of GT ShortCodes is the availability to define custom CSS for each short code.

Custom CSS can be added to each short code through the generator itself.

Translation Ready

GT ShortCodes comes with .po and .mo files required for localizing the plugin.

With the help of a translation editor like Poedit you can make your transactions quickly and easily.

Supports All Modern Browsers

GT ShortCodes works well with all modern browsers. We have tested in all modern browsers and the result was awesome.

All short codes performed well with latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9+.

Supports Latest WordPress
Bootstrap Based
24x7 Support
Responsive Elements
Light Weight
No load on database
Vast Browsers Supported
Control Over CSS & JS Files
Works with all themes
Saves Time
New Short Codes Regularly
Performance Minded

Exclusively Available On CodeCanyon

Suitable for your daily needs